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Default 2013 R/T Tranny Q

So I'm a recent/new Durango Owner with a 2013 R/T. Obviously the 6 speed auto transmission.

Previously a 2006 Charger R/T owner, which other than the similar engine and a few Dodge emblems has very few similarities, so I realize I have opted for more of a truck that a muscle car, but then again, there was a reason I searched for an R/T as I just am not totally ready to let go. I am happy with the decision and nothing is unexpected. So all that being said.

I realize the Durango is geared to pull weight, not go fast, while the SRT Jeep G.Cherokee, is geared more similar to the SRT LX, IE to go fast. The SRT car / Jeep have near the same acceleration, while the R/T's are quite different, so it's not just weight. It's in the transmission and rear end. The whole Durango / Jeep GC lineup can pull ~7500 lbs, except the SRT which can pull 5000. They've obviously set up the lineups based on what they think the average buyer prefers based on the options groups.

So here is the question i don't understand. Watching the shift patter for the 6 speed auto theere is a substantial ratio change (IE substantial RPM change) when shifting from 1st to send, then a minimal change from 2nd to 3rd, then a greater, but what I would call pretty normal change from 3rd to 4th.

So the Question is, why set the gearing up this way? what is the advantage? Why not have 2nd gear nearly split the difference between 1st and 3rd? If you haven't noticed this pay attention to yours, its really quite noticeable to me. It seems you would get better acceleration if the gearing was closer to a normal split than the way they have it set up and not be loosing towing capacity or fuel economy, so there must be some advantage.

So aside from the fact that what got me paying attention to this is adjusting my brain from a muscle car to an SUV... am i crazy?

((I really am not complaining, just adjusting. I love my R/T Durango and would make the same decision again today))
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