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  1. 2ND Generation Dodge Durango: 2004 - 2009
    Hi and thanks for allowing me to post here - I’m currently rebuilding the AC on my wife’s mothers 04 Durango 5.7. I’ve done the compressor , front and rear extension valves , condenser , condensor fan , drier etc. Everything has been going good up until now. I have everything buttoned back up...
  2. Dodge Durango Electrical Problems & Questions
    Hello, I have a question about My 2006 dodge Durango SLT. When my truck is parked twice today my Front lights,were flashing And or blinking could That be due to the Panic alarm? Any help would be Appreciated thanks june
  3. New Member Introductions
    hello new to this ,,in trouble i have a 2005 durango hemi with a transmission problem started by scanning came up with trans shift solenoid code replaced solenoid same problem stuck in 3rd gear can shift to 2nd manually then got auto electrician who said ecu had that checked out all ok so back...
1-3 of 3 Results