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  1. Dodge Durango Electrical Problems & Questions
    I always run my factory fogs at night. Today on my way home from work I noticed my rear wiper moving very slowly. It then proceeded to wipe repeatedly without stopping. After messing around with stuff I realized it stopped immediately when I turned off the fog lights, and started when I turned...
  2. Lighting
    hi everyone. i was wondering if someone can help me with aligning my headlights. (low beam) i have a 2013 durango crew and I want to put ddm tuning hids on them. but i also dont want to blind the heck out of ppl as well.. does anyone know how to align the headlights.. meaning where are the...
  3. Dodge Durango Knowledge Base
    Im not sure if anyone has started a thred for this but i am just going to throw it out there.... H.I.D's the fog lights on our nice shiny new durango's are 2504 but just like in my chrysler no one had a replacment H.I.D. but there is.. for anyone lost in there ways about trying to find a...
1-3 of 3 Results