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01 4.7 diffrence 03 4.7

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What is the diffrence between 01 4.7 and the 03 4.7
found a motor for my sons Durango but when I called my friend at the dealer he said it would'nt work. LOOKS EXACTLY THE SAME?????
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nothing is different i think its just the transmission thats different. I think they add one more gear to make it a 5 speed vs 4 speed automatic
They are different. The '01 has a 16 tooth tone ring, uses the JTEC engine controller, has a separate TCM. They have different throttle bodies, different intake manifolds. The interesting engine is the late-'02 Durango engine. Has the '01 intake manifold, but uses the '03 throttle body, computer (NGC) and has a 32 tooth tone ring.
^^^^^ Now that's good info right there
transmission, and intake manifold. perhaps an ecu change? not to sure
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