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03 Durango RT issue

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I have a strange problem that comes and goes, so far it seems to come and go as it wants too. I have been a mechanic and worked in a auto parts store for a number of years however I don't know much about the Durango electrical system.
The problem:

Door locks stop working: I have to unlock all the doors by hand one at a time.

Service 4WD light comes on

Security light comes on

All of these things happen at once and then go away at once, which tells me its one problem insted of three problems that are starting and stopping at the same time. My hope is that someone has had this issue and knows what to do to fix it.

Sense it comes and goes it makes me thing its a loose connection or somthing.
What does you guys think?
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Almost need a service manual to find out where the connector is that would have all 3 circuits running through it.
Agreed. I was hopeing that this might be a problem others have ran into.
I am having the same problems. Did you ever fiqure it out?
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