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If you would go back and read what I posted you would see that no hating was going on. In fact, I said your Durango was "awesome". I even offered you props for your hard work and that includes your originality.
But like I stated in my original reply... I am a purist. Sorry if you took my critisism as hating. I can't help that.

As for my 2000 R/T... it is far from a show car. She is a hard driven 13 year old vehicle. But she still has a lot of life in her and I love driving her as much now as I did when I drove her off the showroom floor. And I do have pics of her posted in the off-road section. Doing things your ride will never do on the way to the car show.

And again, congrats on the recognition you have been recieving on your ride.
21 - 32 of 32 Posts