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2001 Dodge Durango... Mystery

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We recently purchased an 01 DD in need of some TLC. Price was WAY too good to pass up. Here's what I know for sure. The engine is not the original engine. I have contacted the original owner and had a great convo on it's history up to 2009. Once the second owner entered the picture, things went awry with this person putting in another engine and then getting in over his head. I do not have the contact info to the second owner. Unlisted.

I believe it is a newer model 4.7 L, though not sure as to exact year. The wiring harness, might match, but so far having a problem with the plugs. Once I figure out the year of the newer engine, which BTW starts and runs really, really well with no problems with vacuum/suction re the carburator, I can then get the right plugs of a like year model. The tranny controller is original to the car. I have a part number to this engine, but have yet to locate the number cast onto the block. Working on that.

Does anybody know where I can find a Dodge parts list? Thanks in advance for any assistance!!
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i think you can contact a dealer, give them the vin and then they will send out a sheet with everything on the vehicle from the factory
There is a good chance the dealer won't be able to get you the "as built" sheet since it's over 10 years old.
Thanks! Well, it has been 10 months of slow, off-and-on work, but I can tell you here's how things are panning out thusfar...

It was an '04 Dodge engine with an '04 computer that the previous owner installed in what is now our '01 Durango. Had an ECM company read the computer to see what motor was flashed to it. They came back with that information and that the '04 only had 59k miles on it. Would have been great had it been a compatible motor!!

Here's where everything went sideways for the previous owner, and how we ended up getting the Durango for such a good price: He failed to realize that around May of 2003, or so, Dodge changed their motors, so that the exciter ring in the crank was upgraded to 32 teeth vs. what is needed in an '01 motor, which is 16 teeth.

Our '01 Dodge now has a compatible, fully rebuilt motor that is running great so far. Right now, it is being tweaked just to get it to a place where I know without a doubt it will pass inspection (i.e. getting the speedometer to work, etc.)

Not that anybody might be curious, but just wanted to go on record as saying the "mystery" has finally been solved! If anybody else has or is experiencing this problem, please feel free share! It was a head-scratcher, and I am so relieved to finally know what in the world was going on!
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