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Im newly registered but have used this forum befor to troubleshoot brake downs in my dodge cars, but now im racking my brain over this, i've had over 350 cars wich i bought, fixed and sold again to make monney in my spare time, i use google or just throw myself into the brakedowns with my knowledge over the years but now im getting mad because i've tried about everything i could and done everything i could troubleshoot my self and from google.

I have a Durango 2003 i bought to tow my camper this coming summer and my car dolly when i pick up broken cars. The previous owner had the car going from shop to shop trying to fix this problem it has...

There is no parking- , tail-, numberplates- or dashlights, i have gone through all the fuses and relays, checked the wiring and bought new mane light switch and changed out all the bulbs, hard wired every plug just to see if bulbs work in they're shockets, checked for corrotion and checked all the grounds, i have plugged my camper to the tow plug to check if it blows fuses.. im just stuck.

Then today i was standing in my livingroom window watching the durango thinking about swapping to 35" tires, had the key with the keyfob in my pocked and pushed the unlock button and to my surprice the parkinglights in the taillights and numberplate light blinked indicating it was unlocked... i went outside and pushed lock and unlock on the keyfob and the dash lights even blinked, so now i know all the lights work but they just dont come on when i try switching them on or when im driving.

What could possibly be wrong? Im about to buy another light switch if the new one might be broken also..
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