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Hi and thanks for allowing me to post here - I’m currently rebuilding the AC on my wife’s mothers 04 Durango 5.7. I’ve done the compressor , front and rear extension valves , condenser , condensor fan , drier etc. Everything has been going good up until now. I have everything buttoned back up and the new condenser fan is not coming on…

I’ve poked around on many forums but can’t find much info on what the vehicle needs to be able to trigger the fan to come on. I’ve read a few different things such as it won’t come on if the high side pressure is to low , temperature related , possibly a bad relay or fuse but can’t seem to figure out what one controls the fan , and I’ve also read some models don’t have a relay so I’m a bit confused.

i grabbed some aligator clips and I’m planning on testing the Fan itself so I can rule out that I didn’t get a faulty replacement fan. On this fan it has 3 leads does anyone know how I’d wire this up so I can test it ? Should the fan come on at the same time the compressor kicks on? Any help is appreciated im just trying to figure out what specific things control the fan on this model Durango so I can try to rule things out. Thanks !

i also have a test light as well as a multimeter if that can help me diagnosis further.
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