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2006 dodge durango limited transmission question

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I have a 2006 dodge durango limited 5.7 hemi. The question is I recently serviced the transmission as in I dropped the pan changed the two filters and reapplied pan. I filled the tranny with valvoline atf 4 while it was running in neutral until it was in between the two hot lines. I, while in park, ran through all the gears and checked again. Everything was fine however yesterday when I returned home from work approximately 40 miles I left the engine running and checked the tranny again. The fluid did not even touch the stick. I left the vehicle sitting all night and again this morning checked. The fluid was in between the top cold and the botton hot lines??? Shouldn't the fluid be lower. Doen't seem right. What is the proper way to check to see if you have enough fluid in. While it is cold sitting all night or when you have been driving it and the engine is warm and still running.
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Fluid level should be checked hot, vehicle level and in neutral or park.

while the engine is running right?
O.K. ran the vehicle for at least thirty miles pulled inside the garage and left the vehicle running in neutral for about three minutes. I checked the stick and it was barely touching the cold low mark. I added about one and three quarters of a quart doing it one third of a quart at a time while the engine was running and at each third or a quart I would hop inside and run through all the gears even driving to the end of the driveway and back. after five times of doing this, one and one third quart, the tranny fluid was at the low part of the dip stick. I left the vehicle sitting for the rest of the night and drove it the next day. The vehicle ran perfectly. I just checked it after sitting for an entire night and at cold on flat ground the fluid measures over the top hot mark on the stick. I am really confused. I know that running a vehicle with too much tranny fluid is worse than running it with too little so right now I am a little nervous to drive it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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One problem is that you have no way to be sure the fulid is at the same temp each time you check it. You either need an infared thermometer or a scan tool to tell you. Granted, I'm a bit confused on this one as well if it's not temp related.
It would seem to me that if you check your fluid level after letting it sit over night all the fluid would drain into the pan and therefor give a high level reading. After driving it the level would read lower since the fluid is dispersed through out the tranny.
i had the same problems with my 04 durango, my question is where did you get the filters because if you by a aftermarket cooler filter <cartridge filter> aftermarket do not have check valves and causes incorrect readings on the dip stick.
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