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2008 durango limited vibration problem

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has anyone had a vibration problem on their 2008 durango. dealer cant find the problem. tires have been swapped, balenced etc. no luck in finding it.
seems like a driveline issue that can be felt starting at about 70 mph.
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2008 Durango limited

yes you are 100% correct i have the same issues since day one with my 08 durango limited. i've been fighting this issue for a long time. my truck shakes like hell over 60 mph and gets worse with speed. I called Chrysler and put in numerous complaint tickets and i advise you to do the same. (1800 763-8422) ask for a case manager. Plus every dealership gives me the same old bull they dont know what it is. Chrysler gave me 4 brand new 20" chrome wheels and i had to buy four new tires at 13,000 miles. i now have 22,000 and the same issues with vibration and pulling left but the tires and wheels are 100%. I've heard its the front controls or the drive trains what may be the issue. Im calling Chrysler this monday again. Keep nagging them.
2005 Limited vibration problem

So I've developed what may be the same issue with my '05. It seems to be most prevalent around 70 but not always - s/t at slower s/t at higher speeds. I can actually speed up out of it. Seems to flatten out around 80. I've got new tires and get them r'd & b'd every ~6K miles - still issue. I suspect it's bearings - although can't hear anything.
Check your shocks. I have had many vehicles that had vibration issues like that and the whole time it was the shocks.
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