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2011 durango heat, looking for roof rails

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i recently purchased my 2011 durango heat model and absolutly love it so far. only thing that i didnt like was that this model does not come with the factory roof rails like every other one. i figured this was not a big deal and i could just buy some later and install them. guess i was wrong. every website i search, including mopar and other factory part sites do no sell the roof rails. just every possible accessory/attachment you could possible need. i went to the dealership and they said i was out of luck and the factory does not sell the rails. didnt seem right to me so im here to ask if anyone else has this issue and is looking for somewhere to get the original factory rails. your help is much appreciated, thanks!
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guess no one else has this issue haha
I did somee internet searching like you did and found nothing but accessories for the roof rails. Aparantly, at this point, they have to come alreday on the car. But I would imagine in the future the factory would start making them available. Keep checking with your dealer.
It looks like you can buy the parts individually but it will probably cost about $600 for everything.
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