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2011 Durango RT

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Hello to all! Just joined. This looks like a good place to share the enjoyment of owning. I just got my new RT.
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Welcome I love my 2011 R/T going on 2.5 months so far
2011 rt

Thank you for the welcome! I am in awe of this RT. I ordered it without seeing a RT anywhere except on the "build it" page on the Dodge website in April. . It was just what I was hoping for and is 1 month old now. Mine is white with the black leather. It has the 730 awesome U-Connect radio, summer tires, tow hitch, and the commuter group.
I am thinking about adding some RT and HEMI emblems. Have you seen any with this addition?
The only gripe I have is with the Sirius reception. It goes out under I95 overpasses and bank drive-ins. Are you having the same reception?
I'm in south Florida and it's cool and quiet except for the great Hemi exhaust rumble. It's great!:)
:) Howdy! Welcome to DurangoZ from SW Florida :)

Congrats on the new Durango :)
Welcome from VA. I haven't experienced any Sirius reception issues, it may just be location.
Thanks for all the welcomes! This is a nice group! I just ordered a couple of RT and Hemi emblems to add to the appeal of the RT. The ones from the front of the Ram 1500 RT for the grill and the chrome rear RT Durango emblems for the sides. Ill post pics when Im done. Hope you are enjoying you're aas much as I am.
As for the reception problem, I had a 2008 Pathfinder with Sirus radio. No loss of reception at all. This radion blanks out everytime I go under a overhang or overpass. Maybe something is loose in the antenna.

welcome from desmoines iowa!!! way ahead of you:} check out my pics
Very nice, Shawnmichael. Looks like you have got an awesome machine. Did the power jump up? Nice clean work. I couldn't get a clear shot of the side emblems. I would love to see it. I ordered a 09 Charger red RT emblem for the front. Hope it will fit the grill. The 2011 pickup RT emblem doesn't work. Send some more pics if you can.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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