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2011Citadel Nav System

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I have a new 2011 Citadel with 1100 miles on it. Am having a problem with saved destinations being erased daily. Any suggestions?
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No suggestion but glad to see I'm not losing my mind. My home address keeps dropping out!
Navigation memory loss

I have just purchased a 2012 and now after 2 weeks have 2500 miles on it. My home address is lost everytime I go to look for it!:confused:
I am very disappointed with the nav gps in the 730 radio. The 430 got the Garmin gps which is much better. I hope that a future update from Chrysler will bring the 730 on par with other 2012 gps systems on the market. It's easy to become frustrated when using the 730 gps to locate a destination while the vehicle is in motion. Once the vehicle is moving, not even the passenger can access the gps system since it goes into a lockout mode. This only leaves the voice command. If you are looking for a POI in another state while the vehicle is in motion the default state will prevent you from finding it until you stop and change the default state. The 730 gps system really needs to be updated or reprogrammed to a Garmin or comparable system.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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