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I have a 2017 v6 Durango with 54,000 miles. Oil changed this week. No lights on. Starter and battery tested perfectly. My issue is very randomly, no rhyme or reason when it does it, but its starting to do it daily now; when I push the start button to turn the car on, it doesn't get all the power to start up immediately. It almost sounds like its revving up to get more power and then boom, starts up with full power. It takes about 5-10 seconds of this as I am pushing in the start button for it to start. I have no idea what it is -- I took it to dodge service and they couldn't get it to replicate. It's been going on about two weeks and now is doing it daily. When I hold the push start button, it just seems like it needs more to get it started. You can hear it trying to start, all power to car - lights, radio, dash etc. come on fine while pushing start button.
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