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2022 Dodge Durango GT Plus AWD
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I am blessed that I was able to acquire a brand new 2022 Dodge Durango GT Plus AWD with the 3.6L V6 Pentastar engine back in March. As you can imagine, I greatly care about my vehicle. Some may file this post under "OCD," and I can't blame you. I am OCD about my Durango.

It's funny that today I noticed the unusual wear on the shifter button in the picture. It looks like it's rubbing on something inside every time it's pressed. I to a new microfiber rag and wiped off the plastic dust. Then I pressed the button a few times, and I noticed that new dust lines started forming. Is this normal? Has anyone
else experienced this?

I probably pressed the button harder than usual today while picking up my son from church. I was tired and in a hurry. Of course, I was worried. I looked at it closer and noticed the plastic dust from rubbing. It also has a little slack before pushing it in and making a clicking noise. Even when the vehicle is off, and the shifter is in the Park position, when you can't push the knob in to shift, it still has that slack and makes a clicking sound right before it stops. Is this normal? Has anyone else experienced this?

I had to take the picture while flashing an LED flashlight on the shifter for the plastic dust to be visible. Otherwise, you won't notice it unless you look closely.

It seems like things happen no matter how careful we are around these vehicles. I wonder if it's one of those "wonderful" quality control issues or if I did something wrong. Or maybe I love my Durango too much. I don't know. First-world problems, right?

Thank you.

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