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3 " Lift question ( newbie)

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I have 3" lift blocks for the rear of my 2001 Durango, Will the Tortion bars adjust high enough to accomodate that? If they are a little shorter will it hurt something?
Any suggestions on raising the front if the tortion bars aren't the answer? I do not know how to "block" the front end!

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No simple way to block the front. You can get about 2inches from adjusting the torsion bars but that's it.
Adjusting the torsion bars for lift will give you a very rough ride. If you are going to lift it do it right and buy a suspension lift or build a custom one.
Where's a good place to buy a lift kit. I'm looking for a 3-4 inch lift. What brands are good and what all will I need
I have been doing research and I think if you get 2" shackles and an add a leaf you get 4" in the rear but I have found 3" for the front with after market keys
there is no actual lift kit for Durangos 2000 - 2003. all you can really do for the most lift is either have it custom made or get new 3 inch lift torsion keys for the front and then the 2 inch shackles and a 1 1/2 inch add a leaf kit so youll get around 3 inch lift all around then a 3 inch body lift if ya wanna fit bigger tires
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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