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4.7 engine ticking sound on start up

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Recently purchased a 2007 durango with 4.7 and 4x4. At startup there is a ticking sound which mimics a bad lifter. As this is a overhead cam design engine what could be causing the noise. Lasts about 30 secs. then sounds fine. Googling this produces many complaints regarding this issue but nobody has the definitive solution. Anyone experience this? Also want to do my own oil changes, what oil and filter would you recommend, synthetic?? Vehicle has 98000 kilometers or about 60000 miles on it.
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Ticking noise at startup

I have a 2006 durango 4.7, i had a ticking noise, sounded like a lifter on the passenger side, took a little digging but i found alot of posts about a leaking exhaust header gasket, and sure enough i found the rear cylinder had both exhaust manifold bolts were broke, they were easy to replace, everyone i have talked to had the same thing, the heads break off, just take all the bolts out take the manifold loose from the exhaust and use a pair of vice grips to spin them out, you have to take the inner fender out to get in to it, i got all the parts at local dodge dealer, i put all new bolts in, new gasket, had about $100 in it, took about 3hrs to change out. When it first started doing it it only did when it was cold, then it just kept getting worse, guess the manifold would expand and seal the leak off. Hope it helps. And by the way get the pins to put the inner fender back in at napa, the ones at dodge were $5 each, got a bag of 10 for $4.
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exhaust bolts removal...

Hey Willie73 thanks for the tips, by the way , when removing the bolts did you have to heat them up with a torch? I assume you had to use penetrating catylist. I have a 2001 Durango Sport with 94,000 miles on it, so I probably should soak the bolts for a couple of days right? Just hope none of the bolts break off flush to the heads...kingoftow
I had a 4.7 in a Dakota, quite common for the lifters to tick at startup for some reason.
Say no to the torch!! It is an aluminium head, the bolts are treated with antiseize from the factory, they came out really easy, when you get the new ones from the dealer they are coated already. I did spray them with some pb blaster and let them soak for a while.
thanks for the info, I just put the durango away for the winter yesterday. I will check out the exhaust studs as soon as I put it back on the road in spring. Thanks again for your response!
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