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4.7 heads

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Has anyone had to change head gaskets on there 4.7? I have an 02 and need help with the overhead cams making sure they get put back right.
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I've not done that but I would think that there should be some timing marks on the shafts with the crank lined up on TDC. I had read some instructions sometime in the past when I was thinking of changing the cams on my Dakota, best I remember did not seem too difficult. I usually do a Google search on stuff like this, lots of info out there.
Well its back together and took me a week. What a nightmare the ovhc was nerve racking and making sure the valves didnt hit the pistons because there is NO tollerance. I changed both head gaskets and water pump, thermostat since I had almost the whole motor appart.
Glad to hear you got it running again.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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