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430 Software

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I just received a disk from Dodge with a software update for the radio and NAV and Travel Link. My radio software already has the version they are advertising on the disk. Do I still need to do the install? Is there anything else new in the NAV or Travel Link update that I would benefit from?

Has anyone performed this yet, and what was your experience?

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My raido went out when I tried to updated it before the disk came out there is other forums that have the disk data u can upload and I tried. They replaced my raido last week 4 days later I got the disk. I did not try to update it because it is for travel link which my new radio has and my old one didnt.
I have finally tried to update things with the CD they sent in the mail. It accomplished absolutely NOTHING.

I'm curious, with your new radio and latest setup for Travel Link, do you now have the radar feature with the weather?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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