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430n rhb

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The only thing that I was disappointed in was that the MyGig has issues with the iPhone. Bluetooth phone works, but the Bluetooth streaming sounds like you are fast forwarding a CD. The USB port is a must! I was spoiled to it in my 2008 Avenger RT, but the iPod controls are hit and miss on the iPhone. Sometimes it works and sometimes it errors.
I've read that the newest update is going to be at the end of this month.
Does anyone have any more info or experiences with this radio and the iPhone? :confused: FYI - I have tested both the 3GS and the 4. Both did the same, but they were both running IOS 4.2.1
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Spoke with Dodge support today. Looks like there is a firmware upgrade for the 430N (RHB) in order for it to work correctly with the iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4, if they are running IOS 4.0 or above. If you are running an earlier version, you should be ok.
Unfortunately they could not give me a firm date that the upgrade will be available.
It looks like it may be the end of March or first of April.
Good news!
I found a work around. :)
As I stated earlier, the bluetooth streaming sounds like it is in fast forward mode and the iPod controls for the iPhone are hit and miss.
With the bluetooth, make sure it is turned on with the device and paired correctly.
Once this is confirmed, "lock" your device (press the top button once), and then choose AUX on your radio's softbutton.
It will take a few seconds, but it will start playing correctly.
Downside: It starts at the first of your song list and in alphebetical order, so you have to do a lot of skipping if you are looking for a specific song. Also, the song information does not display.
To control your iPhone or iPod, utilizing the USB cable, lock your phone as described above, connect the USB cable and wait for the files to be read.
Once done, it will start playing. You can control all facits of the device from your screen and steering controls. All data for the songs, playlists, etc. IS displayed.
If this is too much hassle, then just put all the songs you want onto a flash drive and import them into your MyGig system.
Hint: If you put them into folders on your flash drive, your MyGig system will see those as folders as well. In a way, you could count them as playlists.
Hope this helps!!
Once I get info on the upgrade, I will let you know!
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I didn't have a problem syncing my iPhone 4 and get the streaming to work really well. The sticker says I have a 430N (RHB). What I'm having a problem with is getting the Travel Link to work. Based on the UG I hit the Media hard key but nothing comes up for Travel Link. Called Sirus and they said it's connected so the problem isn't with them. Any ideas on how to get Travel Link to work?
Received answer from Dodge re Travel Link

Travel Link software is being validated and they will be contacted via
mail when the upgrade is available. You will need to contact your
dealer to schedule an appointment to have the Radio updated with the
Travel Link feature. Customer Care will be calling each of the affected
customers. These customers will receive Travel Link feature when it
becomes available (targeted for April 2011) for the balance of their
Sirius audio subscription plus 1 year additional Sirius/Travel Link
I received a cd and upgrade instructions from Dodge today. The Cd upgrades the 430N radio software (version 23.04.41) travel link database update, and a navigation software update
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