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4x4 inop

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I recently installed an aftermarket CD player in my sisters 01' Durango 4x4 with the 5.9L...after install was complete, I hooked all the switches back up, HEAT & A/C CONTROLS, 4X4 SWITCH, HEADLAMP SWITCH, and check to make sure ALL were functional. The indicator lamps on the 4x4 lit up fine. I went to start the truck and the battery was dead. I proceeded to jump start the truck and realized the cables were corroded. I removed both battery cables, cleaned them and re-installed them. I started it up and it would not idle. I drove it about 10 minutes and it was idling and running fine...then happened to look down and realized the 4x4 INDICATOR LIGHTS WERE NOT ON. I disconnected the batt again, hoping for a reset, I double checked the switch, checked all the fuses....NO LUCK!! Praying for a response on how to get it back up and running again! :confused::confused:
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I'm curious. Did you actually put it in 4 wheel drive?
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