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98 Durango block lifts

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Here's my new rims:):):):)

I Want to do a block lift on my rear shackles (4" long 1/2" thick per piece) so I can fit my new tires under it (with my new 16" rims) I want the back to match the front, unfortunately I think I need a good 2.5-3" on the front maybe more... Is it safe to get 3" of block on the back (heard up to 4 or 5 is but I want to hear from experience) if I need more I can always body lift too.

What about the front? What's the best way to go about that?
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on the front u can get 2 inches by cranking the torsion bars, and in the back you can add a leak or have to get a different shackle because blocks lower our trucks. if its a first gen. the axle sets on top of the leak spring instead of under it. i know the belltech 6400 shackle will lift the rear about 2 inches, they are meant to lower a Chevy but they lift us.
I cranked the torsion bars on mine and added a 3 inch body lift.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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