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98 still goin strong

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Hi Guys,
I have a 98 w/318 or (5.2) ,has 142,000 miles. the one w/out the tow hitch. I joined today because i am planning on installing a new starter today and hoped to find some words of wisdom to help facilitate the process. I started to do it last week, but just coudn't quite get a good bite on the lower nut. really tight spot. So I bought a 5\8 ratchet wrench hoping this will do the job.
The whole problem started when i noticed that I go to start it, then it acts dead, no power to starter, occasionally it would click, so I thought MUST be the cables corroded, cleaned those real well, both ends, but still had problem. The weird part was that it will usually start fine -full speed crank- if I turn the ignition off for a few seconds, then try again. Went to advance & had them test the system. Battery Good (that was my thought after the cableschecked good), Alt tests fine. All they could find that was semi anomalous was the starter pulling some excess amps, but not a lot. SOOO, I'm changing out the starter. Fun FUn Joy!

Actually I like working under the Hood. I've changed many starters, and just about any other part you care to name. ( I once yanked a 6 cyl. Buick engine using an end loader so I could replace the crank. The tricky part was that the hydrolic cylinders kept leaking down on me & I was doing it all by my self. That job was basically done on the run :) )
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:) Howdy! Welcome to Durango Z from SW Florida :)
Welcome to the DurangoZ from NC! Good luck with the starter change out, hope that's the issue. Enjoy the forum!
Welcome from Texas.
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