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99 durango no bus

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ok i have a 99 5,9 auto 2wd durango with the stock securty im getting the no bus code and i dont here the fuel pump every one says i need a new pcm or crank sensor so i have put two of each in and it still randomly turns off or will drive fine then not start when ever it feels like it. so im lost and about to put it in the field and shoot the sh*t out of it. any help would be vary much appreciated befor i pull out the ak...
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No bus means your guage cluster is loosing communication with the ECM. If it is intermittent then I would suspect a loose connector. I would start with the connectors on the back of the cluster.
would that shut down the car
Same problem

:confused::confused: Same year same problem. Mine stopped at 70 in the car pool lane!! Was told i needed a new PCM also haven't done it yet cannot afford it ($900) I posted this same thing in another forum and a guy replied he had the same thing and just cleaned the clusters with a contact cleaner. Tymont's reply could be right on, mabey a loose or dirty cluster connection. I am going to clean and secure my connections and see what happens.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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