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99 durango

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here is a few pics of my durango its lowered aftermarket lights and other stuff.

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I've always liked that dark green color. Nice ride.
nice!my durango that's painted kameleon started out that same green.
loudrango arnt you on Dakota-durango?

my mom who bought this durango new in 99 loves this color so after she gave me this durango she went out and got herself another one this color and the only difference is hers is 4x4.
my dads 98 ram is this color also.
yes i am.:)
i like both of your durangos. i wish i had rims, only thing i need for the outside.
thank you;i've put alot of love and cash into both of them.i wish i knew you needed rims.i had a set of custom drilled for the durango centerline billet 20 inch wheels that i let go on the cheap.they were just taking up space in the garage.
dang. its hard to find a nice set for the right price for these trucks.
here are a few pics of what i did the other day. green hid kit in the fogs and paints a few more things.

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yeah it is hard to find nice six lug wheels for our trucks.nice touches with the fogs and interior pieces painted to match.
I love It! Where did you get the headlights? And how'd you do that with your fog lights? Is there different colors?
Great job on those interior parts.
thanks tymont.

i got the headlights off eBay. and the fogs are a green hid kit, you can get a hid kit in many colors from yellow to white, blue, green, purple.
Very nice looking truck, keep it up.
I found a nice set of rims and got a aar cowl hood

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Very very nice !!!!!
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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