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2004 5.7 w/ rear A/C controls

I replaced my A/C compressor and condenser, now the compressor clutch won't switch on. The previous compressor stopped working, but the clutch would still switch off and on until the clutch bearings failed and it jammed.

• Fuse #24, fan clutch, in the power distribution box was blown, so I replaced it. I assume the fuse blew when the previous clutch failed, but I didn't check it then so I don't actually know for sure. The replacement fuse is still good now, even with a smaller (10A vs. 15A since I had one handy) fuse, but I haven't tried to run it for a long period of time.
• Relay #34, fan clutch, gets hot to the touch so I tried swapping relays around and whichever relay is in the A/C position gets hot, and if I put the A/C relay in any of the other positions it works fine.
• If I remove the relay and jump it with a lead, the compressor clutch engages, I get cold air, and it seams to run for a while (10-15 minutes) without problems.

Any ideas where to check next before I take it to a shop. (Electrical diagnosis is my weak spot!)

Thanks for any help!!
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