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A/C not very cold

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Hi out there just joined and hope this forum is of value and doesnt just stear me toward the locale Dodge dealer and his high labor rate!
Serious do it yourself guy so here is what I'm deling with.
Have 2000 Durang R/T with 5.9 engine, rear A/C.
1. Have a known heater core leak and this may be causing the heater box door to stick as at high speed on fan get lots of noise but not that great flow from vent. Is it true must remove A/C condenser to replace heater core?
2. A check of low side on compressor running shows 55 psi and some cooling not great in the passenger compartment.
3. System would not take any more coolant so may have an overcharge condition.
4. High Side line was too hot to touch but not sure if this is normal, caused by too much refrigerant, caused by a blockage in the system ie dryer, evaporator, thermal expansion valve etc. or something else.
5. Vehicle has a new radiator so may have been in an accident at one time and debris is clogging system but not sure.
6. Note all fans and fuses funtional and compressor engaged, radiator very clean.
Advise as don't have the funds to take to mechanic so they can overcharge and get the floor mats dirty.
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Hi there, and welcome to the site.
1. Yes it is necessary to remove the AC condenser to replace the heater core. They are in the same box under the dash. Also, the dash must be removed to access it. My heater core failed a few months ago. So I just bypassed the core until I can make time to tackel the job. A new core is only $30 a I plan to replace my evaporator at the same time.
2. When charged properly, for the low side to be 55psi, the outside temp would have to be 110 - 120F. That should give you a center vent air temp of 68-75F. The proper amount of freon for your system should be 2.44 lbs according to the sticker under the hood.
3. If the ambient temp is not in the range listed above, I would let some of the freon out.
4. The high side line does get very hot during normal operation. Ensure the charge is correct before doing anything else.
5. The condensor is mounted in front of the radiator. A new radiator is not an indicator of an accident. I had to replace mine because it corroded through. I chose to replace with new in stead of repairing.
6. By all fans, I assume you mean the electric fan as well. That is the fan that provides cooling for the AC.

I hope this is at least a little helpful.
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Bypassing the heater core

If I might ask, How did you bypass the core?
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