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About to order a new Citadel

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I'm going to order my wife the Citadel Hemi AWD in Feb and we should take delivery in July. I'm from Buffalo but live in FL so i was wondering how the stock tire handle wet conditions (FL) and the snow and ice (Buffalo). Just wondering if i had to stash some money away for better rubber.
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I have a '12 R/T. We had a bit of snow here, (not much by Buffalo standards), about 6 inches. No problem, the stock tires with the awd mapping did a terrific job. I went over Snoqualmie pass to Seattle, roads were compact snow and ice, traction tires required, the R/T handled it no problem. Likewise all over Seattle with a bit of ice on the roads, (Seattlites freak when the road is slippery). I bought a set of chains and have yet to pull em out! I cross the pass again this weekend. More adventure. I have had it since Dec. 16 and have 4,400 miles on it!
I have also driven in snow here in MI since i got my Durango a few weeks ago and it handles like a gem on icy and snowy roads!!
Thanks for the info. This really puts me at ease. My Sierra 4x4 has Goodyear eagle 2 shoes on it and they are the worst tires i have ever owned. This means i can spend money on new rubber now since i son't have to worry about the wife in her Durango.

Thanks again you guys rock.
I hope the stock tires work out for you! Have you ordered your durango yet? Im sure everyone would love to see pics when you get it! :)
Erin, I ordered the Durango and i'm expecting to take delivery in July. I'll be sure to toss a couple of pics on the site when i finally get my hands on this beast.
I will be ordering a Citadel soon also, what is the reason for the five month wait?
Black 390 I'm currently in Afghanistan and i ordered it through AFES and since the wife can drive my truck when I'm gone we thought we would save a little cash and take delivery when my trip was done.
beware of the false crome wheels on the citadel. they are plastic crome hub caps!!!!
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