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Any help would be appreciated

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Hello i wn a 2004 doge drango, 5.7 hemi with 74,000 miles. i have recently been having alot of problems with starting the car i just put in a new starter and had to change the battery twice and thats only in the past week , now, whenever i turn the key i get power in the cabin but i get a slower clicking sound from inside the engine area, (before ichanged the starter it was a rapid click) hope someone can shed some light on this i would appreciate it.
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Welcome to the DurangoZ from NC! Sorry, not sure what your issue is. I assume you've had the charging system checked out. Glad you joined us, enjoy!
Is this clicking sound coming from the starter when you try to start the engine? Or is it when you turn the key to on without starting?
If you fried 2 batteries in a week I would check the alternator. Sounds like the built in voltage regulator might be bad. I've had to replace mine 3 times. But that's in 165,000 miles.
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