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Anyone tow heavy with their 3rd gen Durango?

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I'm planning on towing a 5500 pound boat with my 2012 Durango R/T. I was wondering if anyone here tows heavy with their 3rd gen Hemi Durangos.
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I haven't towed with it yet, but the RT is rated to tow 7,400 lbs you should be good to go.
Towing a 30' trailer

I will have be towing a 30' trailer with GVWR of 6700 lbs. I am ready to install the brake controller but the cable that comes with the car (plastic bag in the glove box) is not color coded correctly. Does anyone have a clue how this works?
We had to buy a new piece and then had to make some adjustments to make It work. My dad has been doing this for 50 years. Thankfully we had him to help us or we would have had to pay someone to set it up. It was not easy.
I tow a 25'6" Advantage boat with my 2011 Citadel 5.7 and it tows the boat extremley well.

I just pulled my Calabria out of storage last Friday. It is a direct drive waterski boat with tower, etc. it is on a double axle trailer. It towed better than my '05 Ram diesel. Backing up the trailer into my driveway is usually a chore. I have a 120' driveway that has a steep first section that the Ram usually spins the tires a bit and I have to be careful. The Durango with it's traction control effortlessly moved the boat into position. The only downside is that with the D all I see behind me is boat, where with the Ram I can see over and around the boat. I have a '12 R/T with tow package. But don't expect any good mileage. I was on a short trip, 35 miles, with a bit of a grade. I saw 8-10 mpg.
i pull my 2011 new holland 4wd tractor around non my equipment trailer, at about 7800 lbs both the tractor and fine in the mountains where i live. it is obviously a little heavy but it pulls it great when loaded correctly ;)
I just set up the hitch on my 5000 lb. Airstream and did a test drive. I need to lower the ball a couple of more inches, but it seemed to do just fine.
I like that setup.
I'm planning to tow a horse in a 2-horse trailer in the next few weeks. Will post a pic! :)
I'm planning to tow a horse in a 2-horse trailer in the next few weeks. Will post a pic! :)
Sweet. We love Durango porn. lol
So David248, how was it towing a 30' TT. I had done some reading on this in other places, and the consensus was that the wheel base on the Durango might be too short. How was it when being passed by semi's? Did you have any crosswinds? Are you using a weight distributing hitch? I am looking into getting a TT, and right now have set a limit of 29' for myself. However, it hard to find a trailer I really want in the 26-29' range.
As promised!

The trailer empty is about 3,500 lbs + Pony who is about 1,200 lbs. The load leveling is awesome! It really tows very nicely, I took it really easy and we didn't go far because my horse hasn't been in a trailer in almost 5 years. I was expecting that I was really going to feel that weight, but I didn't. The only thing I could feel was my horse shifting his weight. My husband was even surprised at how easy it was to manage such a large trailer. Two thumbs up for the Durango!
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once i figure out why i don't have turn signals or brake lights i'll be towing my camper around it weighs 5700 empty 7600 loaded.


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Towing 5,500lbs with the 345 HEMI is nothing. It's rated for 7,400lbs. The Pentastar is rated to tow upto 6,200lbs.

Oh. Did I mention that those numbers are a lie?
Here is our RT retrieving our Rinker246 BR for winterizing. It did not have any problems pulling it out of the water. I even forgot to release the Ebrake. The back end was sagging a bit but as soon as I got to the storage area it has already leveled off.


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