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Autocross in Gatty?

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What do you all think about doing autocross in Gatty instead of going to the 1/8 mile drag strip. It sounds like this could be a lot of fun. If we decide to do this, we can have the car show and do the autocross at the same place. We can even try to get a group shot with all of the cars.

I was going to start a poll but I would rather hear your comments.

I would like to make a decision on this soon so I can work on the other events.

Tell me what you think.
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Here's Bill Howell's post from the Charger side.

YouTube - RTTH6 - Vette run

Guys, here is the track, as we did the RTTHs event (a YouTube - RTTH6 - Vette run) event I hold here annually. This is Danny Popp for anyone that knows SCCA racing, he is a several time national champion, and a friend. He set up the track for us this year.
I am an old school drag racer, but once I autocrossed in a musclecar, dragracing bores me now. I have run my 72 charger at the Optima Ultimate Streetcar Challenge twice now, and put over 14K miles on it last year driving to, racing at, and driving back home. I have the timing equipment, cones and the connections to rent the track if there is enough interest. The stadium ( if you google Smokeys Stadium, Sevierville) has a huge lot, big enough for both autocross action and the static car show if you wanted to do both at once. Personally car shows bore me, I would rather be putting tire rubber on the quarters than waxing them, but that is just
I will find some more pictures and video of the autocrossing, but you can find most of them just going to youtube and searching RTTH autocross. I look forward to another year of you guys here in Sevier County and know I have a decent shop in anyone needs anything.

BTW, I would love to challenge anyone here to a little friendly competition with my OLD 72 on the autocross....... anyone in?????
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