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Back up camera

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Well I have my first real issue with the new 2011 Durango. My camera shifted and now I see my bumper and it is tilted. I brought it back to the dealer and they said the camera cant be adjusted. LOL They are going to call Dodge and see what they need to do. I think these cars are so new that they dont know how to repair certain things.
I also called Dodge and complained and I now have a case number and someone will be getting back to me.
I will keep you all posted.
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Sounds like a dumb dealer... If they ultimately can't fix it, take it to another dealer. They have a legal obligation to fix/replace ANYTHING that breaks during the warranty. If they couldn't fix it for a period of time, the lemon law would eventually kick in and they would owe you a new car. Obviously they will be much more likely to fix your camera than replace your car. ;)
its a should be easily fixable. I cant see them having that big of an issue to replace a camera or readjust a mount. worst comes to worse just bend the bracket a little
Just adding, not that it will help here, but Dodge did rush these to market for 2011. As such us with the 11's will have all the issues.....
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