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We want to give the MRMs a few pointers on things to look for when leaving profile messages for newbies.

We've had a lot of spammers and commercial posters lately. Please watch for the following when welcoming newbies:
  • Commerical looking user names (company names are not allowed to be used as user names except for supporting vendors)
  • User names comprised of letters and numbers that look odd (a lot of spammers use names like defg468 or vwx123)
  • Vehicle and location listed as "1" (a lot of spammers from China list their location and vehicle as "1" )
  • Strange vehicle and/or vehicle (sometimes, they'll list their username as the vehicle type)
Please report any newbie that appears questionable. You can just report your own profile message. If they haven't completed their registration and you can't leave a message, just send a PM to a Mod or Admin.
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