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Blower motor

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1998 Durango Magnum,the motor works when it want's,why is this? And i have a Chevy doing the samething but i can hit big enough pothole and it might start working,anyone PLEASE!!!!!!!!!
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Please Help

Can someone please help,getting cold and need it fixed bad,have two kids going to school and have to wait till it comes on
If I had to make a guess maybe bad brushes? May need to replace the motor.
Blower Motor

It never ratteled,and very smooth when it run
The bad thing about it running intermittently is it can be anything between the switch and the motor. Tough to troubleshoot. Really need to see if the motor is getting voltage when it's not running.

How much should it have,voltage?
On high I would guess battery/alternator voltage. I think it would drop as you lower the fan speed but I can't say for sure without one to try it on. Really need a manual to help troubleshoot.
Exactly, it could be a loose connection, broken wire, bad motor or switch... hard to tell without putting hands on it and testing it.

Thank you all,i will check it out for him
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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