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I'm looking for help. I bought a used 99 Durango 6 months ago from my local Dodge dealer. They said it was a customers car he traded in. I thought the truck was in nice shape. Body was very good and only 80K on the speedo. My son has been driving it. He is not a hot rod. Anyway he was driving friends home on Saturday night when the steering gave out. Fortunately he was going slow and could get the car to the side of the road. When I went to help I found that the bracket that holds the lower arm of the right front steering unit had snapped off the frame! I towed it to my favorite body shop and they said it can't be fixed. Got a second opinion and he said the same. Not quite ready to chaulk this one up to "s**t happens", but I think I am close. Paid a bit too much of this car we only drove for 6 month. Does anyone have any insight on why this would happen? I grilled my kids and nobody is fessin' up to hitting anything. I will say the tires, which were in good shape when I bought it show really bad uneven wear. The car has been driven lightly. I'm suspecting the dealer knew something about this car and just wanted to get rid of it. Sure could use some input.
Thanks, Pete
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