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Can u take off the mpg reader one durango and install in another that doesn't have 1

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I have a 2001 4.7 SLT I have just the two lights for the cab upfront so I was wondering if I can find a used mpg reader off another Durango and install it in mine , if so will it just be plug and play or will I have to do some other wiring and installing .. Thanks for your time and I appreaciate your help .. Go durango
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Are you talking about the display in the overhead console? If so it just plugs in up there and you should not have any problem swapping it.
Yes that's exactly what I'm talking about , I wasn't sure if all the SLTs came pre-wired for that , and all I have to do is pull mine out(the stock two front cab lights) and just plug the display in ..
Oh wait, I guess i misunderstood what you were asking. The best way to find out if its up there is to pull the lights down. Im a little to tired right now to think straight.
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