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Catch Can for the 5.7 HEMI

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I have a question: How many of you guys with the HEMI has installed a catch can yet? Was wondering cause as I was looking at the R/T yesterday, I was trying to fig out whether to mount it the same way I have it mounted on my SRT8 and my roommate has it mounted on his Charger R/T (both '08 and '11) or use a Z bracket like I had to for my Ram 1500. I do know that the engine cover on the Durango is the same as the one on the Charger R/T, all years.

For those of you that have not installed one yet... you might want to consider doing so. The catch can collects oil from the PCV valve bypass tube that goes into the intake manifold. It's worth the investment in my opinion.
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I would love to run a catch can ~ if I could ~ but my '07 D 5.7L PCV is encased in the Intake housing. :(
Ok, I'll bite - and expose a bit of ignorance here. The advantage of a catch can over venting the PCV valve to the manifold is what? Less carbon build-up in the intake and longer life for the exhaust recirculation valve?
Zero oil getting into your intake manifold and thus going into your intake valves.
I would love to run a catch can ~ if I could ~ but my '07 D 5.7L PCV is encased in the Intake housing. :(

Do you have a pic of your engine?
I have one on both my wife's 5.7 and my 6.1. What has surprised me is just how often you have to empty them.
I haven't really had to empty mine that much on my SRT8. My RAM on the other hand... even with the extension... that's a different story. I plan on keeping the extension anyway when I trade in my RAM for the R/T.
Was snooping around the net and on BT's website. Since the GC and the D are both WD bodies then you SHOULD be able to mount a catch can in the same spot as on the GC. Just putting it out there.
Appreciate the info Rec and I also have seen pics of the RT with the catch can mounted where the GC has it located. I have not seen pics of it moumted anywhere else, guessing it is the only option?
BT now has a bracket for both the Grand Cherokee and the Durango. It fits right in front of the fuse box. Here's a pic:


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Is there anyway this thread can be moved to the correct category? I accidently started it under towing.

Any 2nd or 3rd GEN owners with the HEMI seriously need to do this mod.

Any 2nd or 3rd GEN owners with the HEMI seriously need to do this mod.
I really want to do it and probably will in the next few weeks. A few questions:

1. On a scale from 1 to 10, 1 being a tire change, 10 being a transmission tear down and rebuild, how hard is it to install?
2. How often, or at what mile interval do you empty it?
3. Do you empty it back into the case or throw it away?
4. To empty, is there a valve where it pours, or do you remove it like an oil filter?
5. Does this explain Chrysler's claim that the consumption of 1 qt of oil per 1000 miles is normal?
6. Is there a preferred brand? I saw that DiabloSport had one with custom fit brackets.

1. For both my MOPARs it was at the same level of changing all four tires at the same time when I first installed it. I have since relocated the one on my SRT and that was easier than a tire change.

2. I have the clear bottom on my SRT so I change it out whenever I can see that it is full. On my RAM I was checking it once a month and likewise I empty it when it's full. Also I check and empty it on oil changes regardless if it's all the way full or not.

3. Throw it away. Never put that oil back into you ride.

4. Unscrew the bottom of the can to empty it

5. Pretty much

6. Billet Technology. Why? They were the first ones to come up with the whole catch can idea for the Modern MOPARs. Plus they not only make the catch cans for DiabloSport and Speedlogix, but also they are the only officially licensed billet parts manufacturer for MOPAR to include the catch can. (if they ever get that whole situation with the catch can squared away with MOPAR then I'm getting that one instead.)
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This "Catch Can" device is something I did not know about. I did go to BT's web site and found they do have the mounting brackets for the 3rd generation Durango. But my question is if this has been an ongoing issue with the hemi engines, I would wonder why Mopar hasn't addressed it, or have they? I would asked, how critical is it to install one of these devices, am I potentially looking at having engine problems down the road if I don't?
They have. They had an agreement with Billet Technology to sell their catch can with the MOPAR M in blue and the catch can in either black or satin. The last I heard from them was that they are still working out an issue with the agreement. However, they are making the rest of the billet parts that they have and sell.

It's not just the HEMI that has this issue. The new Camaros have the same issue with their V8s also which has also been address by Billet Technology and a Camaro shop down in Florida sells their catch cans.
Personally, I'd rather throw that small amount of oil away than burn it in my beautiful HEMI engine.
I agree with both "Rec 26 and Tymont". Since my last post I contacted 2 different dealers. The first dealer which is where I purchased my vehicle, I spoke to the service rep I usually deal with and told me he had never heard of a "Catch Can" and wouldn't recommend installing one. The second dealer, I spoke to the service manager and again he also had never heard of a "Catch Can" and went on say that installing one could have issues with my warranty if something were to ever happen the engine! I thought that a bit strange. He said that consumption of 1 qt of oil every 2 to 3 thousand miles, (especially highway miles) was acceptable by Chrysler. I told him that no vehicle I've ever owned used that much oil! So here I am, decisions, decisions!
Those two did not know what they are talking about. Here is the thread about modding and vehicle warranties:

As for the catch can.... I say it like this. Ask anyone with a Modern MOPAR and they will tell you.... a catch can is the first mod you should do. All it does is collects the oil vapor going from the PCV back into the intake manifold. If having it causes an engine failure then I would LOVE to see that.
That's a small catch can. Being a previous '04 SRT4 and '07 VW GTI owner we ran a bigger catch can on both...then again they were both forced induction with the GTI having direct injection.

I can see the precaution piece. My '13 R/T D is my first Hemi but if the carbon and oil buildup gets that bad you can also run some Mopar Combustion Chamber Cleaner.
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