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I bought the SES Trims® - Chrome Door Handle Covers from on 9 Aug 12 and received them on 17 Aug 12. The Part Number: DH125 that they have on their website is not actually for the 2011-2012 Durango. It is missing the cut-out for the lock push button on the driver and passenger handles. I went to the SES Trims website and looked to see if they have a different part number for the same item, and they did. It was: DH144-4. I then proceeded to call SES Trims directly and asked if the door handles they claim are for the 2011-2012 Durango have the necessary cut-out. They said I would need to order Part Number: DH187. After I finally tracked down the correct part number I called up directly and told them about the issue and that the part number on the website is the wrong one and that the actual part number was DH187. They looked it up and decided that DH187 would be the correct part number and that they would send me the correct ones once they received the incorrect ones. I will be posting pictures of the car with the handles on or I will be posting again under this if the Part Number: DH187 is still not the correct part number.

Here is the link to the Door Handles on
Here is the link to the Door Handles on (You may have to select the vehicle on the right hand side to actually pull it up.)

I have also attached a photo of what they look like when they arrive and to show that there is no cutout on the actual handle part for the lock push button.
If you are going to or want to order these door handles, I suggest that you call directly and place your order and tell them that you want to order DH187 instead of DH125.


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