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Hi i have a problem.. I have a 01 dodge durango r/t sport with a 5.9l v8 alltime 4wd.. it has 115k and ive had it for about 3 months now. i bought it from a dealer.

now the problem is an annoying clicking sound while accelerating coming from what sound like the front axel. i thought i could be something like bearings, u joint or cv joints, or something up front like that but ive been testing it and driving it to try to hear what it sounds like.. it sounds like a baseball card in a bikes spokes kind of. it is loud when im accelerating up to about 25 to 30 mph than it gets quiet. it doesnt make the sound while idling or when i rev up rpms in idle. It still makes the noise in reverse about same speeds and loudness of the noise. it doesnt get any worse in 4high or 4low. now while im going about 20 mph, coasting kind of and it is making the noise slightly, but wen i shift it to nuetral it goes away, and than back to drive it comes back.. so i dont know much about cv joints but would that rule those out as a possobility??

please help :) thanx
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