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common no heat problem

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just bought a 2000 durango 4.7. the heat doesnt work well. ive read a few other threads like mine, and doesnt seem like anyone has a definite answer. i tried backflushing the heater core, and it still is only warm. water pump is newish, temp is normal, etc. i guess the general consensus is a blend door problem. my question is, has anyone actually took the dash out and successfully fixed and confirmed that that was the problem?

let me know please, leather interior is colldddddd lol
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I haven't done mine yet. However, on some other forums I visit the blend door problem has been confirmed and repaired. But before I took the dash apart, I would check for vacuum leaks since it is vacuum controlled.
I suspected a plugged core on my 'rango. I split the hose on the passenger side (at the factory split by the valve cover), clamped a long hose to it, plugged the end coming off the intake and ran the engine to flush the core. I did it one gallon at a time until I got nice fresh water coming out. All kinds of junk came out and now I have heat! :)
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