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Curt Aftermarket Hitch

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Heads up to my fellow Durango owners out there. I ordered a Curt Class III hitch from last week. Got it a couple days later, and when I went to install it, it would not fit with my spare tire. Called the tech support for Curt Hitches and informed him of this, and he told me they had also just found out that week that their only hitch for a 2011 Durango will NOT fit with the full size (18") spare tire. They are working on designing/building a new one for a full-size spare, and should have it on the market in 45-60 days. So, long story short, if you are in the market for an aftermarket hitch, and are looking at the Curt Hitches, wait until they come out with the new design if you have a full size spare. For what it's worth, I was pleased with the way it looked after I installed it. I did take the spare out to see if I installed the hitch, and then put the spare up, if it would fit, but no luck. And, it was VERY easy to install. I am quite mechanically inclined, but this was as easy as it gets. Remove 4 bolts from frame, raise hitch up, re-install 4 bolts, torque them down, and that's it. When they get the new design out, I will definitely be ordering one. On a side note, I was very pleased with the customer service of both Curt and They both worked together quickly to get the incorrect hitch picked up from my house and processed to get my money refunded. All I had to do was put the hitch back in the original box, and leave it on my porch to be picked up. They gave me absolutely no problems with a refund or return shipping. Highly recommend them if you are in the market for a hitch.
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Sorry to hear it didn't work. At least they didn't give you any problems with the return.
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