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Dealer says my D was in a wreck...

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but both CarFax and Auto Check say the car is clean. Reason why it came up was the right rear door gap was not flush with the rear qtr panel when closed. Based on some other experiences other owners on the net have had, I figured it was just not 100% aligned from the factory. See this video for what I mean:

Dealer said . .. Well sir, it looks like the whole right side was repainted. I'm going over there at lunch to see what he means, but the right side has a couple of scratches and normal wear to make me think otherwise. No evidence of over spray anywhere, paint is smooth, no ripples in the bodywork when looking down the side. Also, like the guy in the video, I have a slight issue with the alignment of the bumper vs the grill, etc.

I can't believe that if this thing was in a major wreck it wouldn't have at least been reported to insurance, get a police report, etc. I WANT to believe that at least one of the agencies, i.e. Car Fax or Auto Check would have caught this.

My first idea is to take my D to an independent autobody shop guy that I know and get him to give me a second opinion.

Except for this, I love my D. Drives straight as an arrow and is quiet and comfortable.

Kinda venting to you guys but any other suggestions?
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You can contact your insurance agent. They can use the vin and see if there are any insurance claims that have been made on your car. Carfax is good, but sometimes they do miss stuff.
I found out through my agent that my 06 Charger SRT had been in a minor accident before I bought it. Carfax reported it as clean.
First off, 37K is NOT a lot of money today for any vehicle you buy, especially a large 3 row SUV. You can get an econo-box for less, but not much else.

As for the problems, I got a tell ya, they seem pretty minor to me. I would not have even noticed it, but since you point it out, my front bumper has about that much play in it as well, and I'm not the least bit concerned about it. And I know my vehicle was not in an accident because it had 6 miles on it when I took delivery. Now if these issues are that huge for you, I would contact a lawyer and have them send the dealer a letter. They sold you a "new" car, and by law it has to be new (ie. never previously sold, or in an accident, or anything else). If the dealer told you it was in an accident that's pretty incriminating evidence, and a lawyer might be able to get you a new car (and his costs). But again, you are still likely to have the front bumber issue.
Its not surprising. I have the same exact issues with my rear fitment of the bumper. As for the wreck, if you bought it new you wont find a carfax on it. MFG's are allowed to fix damaged vehicles that are damaged during assembly. Within reason of course and I wish I had factual data to share with you on this. I just know from past experience working at a Chevy dealer over 20 years ago and was told by managers that worked there.

If your fender was truly replaced POST production, like by the dealer, you should see some evidence of bolts being unscrewed and put back. perhaps overspray on the bolts or mis-alignement of paint spray from the factory. In other words its like spraying a bolt and then unscrewing and re-screwing it, the paint spray will no longer align.

If its extremely clean, then this had to be done at the factory.

I love our durango, but Chrysler needs improvement on customer service and improvement on their mfg. Its much better than the past generations of cars. In fact I am so impressed with Chrysler that I just bought a 2012 Charger R/T from the same dealer. The quality is even better for 2012.

Oh and I dont give a crap how much or how little a person pays for a car, it all comes down to expectations. If you paid 37K and the expectation sold to you were that there may be fit and finish issues, then so be it. So if you didnt have those expectations set, then you have every right to complain until your blue in the face.
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Video is not mine

First off guys, I did not make the video, just a similar experiance to mine. Anyhow here is the update:

Took it to my bodyshop guy, he told me that it had been in a collision, but that it was cosmetic only, no damage to the unibody or components. Whomever did the work was top notch he said. Probably didn't get reported as it was probably hit at the dealer or factory. Funny that he also mentioned that some bonehead could have banged it up doing something as simple as taking the car off of the carrier, etc. He adjusted the door to near perfect, made a couple of other touch-ups I requested, and I was out the door.

BTW, I only paid $21K for my D, not $37; $37K is the sticker price! Mine had 6,500 miles on the clock when I bought it.
Both of my front fenders had alignment issues where they met the front doors. The fenders stuck out past the door. While in for service I had the dealership send it over to their body shop and they aligned it all nicely. Mine came from the assembly line that way.

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