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Dodge Durango 2006 limited

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Hi there new to this forum. I have a 2006 durango limited with the 5.7 hemi. Recently this vehicle, especially when cold, will turn off when coming to a complete stop. For instance when driven approx three miles to first stop sign, when you come to a complete stop the vehicle will stall and I see the rpm gauge flutter drop down and kill the engine. After a warm up it will flutter at each stop but not always turn off. It will happen sometimes even when engine is warm and temp is hot outside. I ran a bottle of sea foam through the port vacuum line and put some in the fuel tank. The engine revs better but still stalls at a stop. I looked inside the throttle body and it was pretty dirty. ALot dirtier than I could have emagined. I cleaned as much as I could with b12 on a rag and sprayed some inside. It helped clean the throttle body but still having a problem. could it be the egr or ic sensor? Has anyone had this problem.
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I would pull the throttle body and clean it up real good. Then check the PCV valve. It's real cheap.
It's is very common to find the intake on the Hemis very dirty. Get a catch can and put in line from the PCV back to the intake. You'll be surprised how much oil that thing will catch.
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