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driveline growling noise

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My wife drives a 07 Durango with about 85,000 miles. The truck drives great, but has a driveline growling noise that comes and goes at regular intervals. I assume it has u-joint issues, but havent looked under the truck yet. Is this a common problem, or should I look in another area when Im under the truck.
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I got an 07 D also. No common problems that I know of.. let us know what you find out!
There are so many things that can qualify as a growling noise from the drive train. What area is it coming from? Is the noise coming from the tranny or rear? Does it make the noise under accelleration, steady throttle or decelleration?
U joint issues usually manifest themselves as a clunking noise when the tranny is put into drive or reverse.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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