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Just lowered my 07 Limited w/ Eibach 3" springs (which actually drops only 2.25" by my measurements) and twisted (or untwisted) the torsion bars up front for a 1" drop. Looks way better and feels way better. On a plus note, my gas milelage is about 1 mpg better. I think with the drop, the windshield is not loaded into the wind like a brick wall. The drop leveled my Limited, it doesnt have the old drag racer stance anymore!
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Those Eibach's should settle in and drop a little more with time.
I'll have to wash it first... looks gray, not white right now. And I didnt think about it "settling down". I've not noticed in the past on other drops, but I'll take some measurements and let you know.
Settled in!

Ok. The "drop" has finally settled. I have not driven the D much till this last month and it's settled down about a full 3". So I've twisted the torsion bars again and again another trip to the alignment shop. Make sure do an alignment everytime u make such adjustments! It's cheaper than buying tires. Now the not so good news. Twisting the bars this far "down" has caused the D to handle very "sloppy". Lots of floating in air like your grandparents old Chrysler or Caddy hitting a bump or dip and it shows extra hang time like going over the top on a roller coaster ride. Checking to figure out if I can use another set of torsion keys from another Dodge vehicle.
Good to know info. I didn't think adjusting the torsion bars would make that big a difference in ride quality.
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