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engine/ electrical problems

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so the other day i went to try and start my durango with my command start and nothing, i tried starting it with my key and all i got was a buzzing noise from under the dash and my dash was flashing. I swapped out the asd relay and still nothing, it did however turn over and start when giving it gas and died as soon as i let off. i investigated under the dash and it seems to be my command start control box but i'm not to sure.
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no idea... since it didnt start right away id suggest the battery or perhaps the starter relay.. but then you say it did start when you gave it gas... perhaps the cam position senor? im not to sure.. throwing any codes that you know of? or perhaps and fuses?
i gave up on trying to find the problem had to have it running soon and brought it to the shop turns out it was a simple 40 amp fuse under the hood
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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