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engine swap question

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ok, first off, hello, i am new. hello and nice to meet you all. well then, lol, i have a 2002 4.7 durango with blown engine and a 99 5.2 durango that was rear ended. what would i need to do to put the 5.2 into the 2002 durango? any tips or advice? thanks!
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Well if the engine mounts, transmission bolt pattern and wiring harnesses are the same, I would not think too bad of a swap. But you never know when you are not swapping for the same.
Well Smoke25, I'm new to the forum, but the reason I'm here is because of an engine swap. Had a '98 4.0 w/65K put into a 2000 Explorer 4.0. When things go wrong everyone scratches their heads. Is it the computer? Is it the vac lines? I for one will never ever recommend swapping anything but same eng, same year. Tracking down the odd probs that go with these new engines is already too complicated.
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