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Engine trouble!

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Hello! Im sabrina, I live in Arizona!!! Glad to have a great group to check in with when I have problems with the Durango!!
Thanks to all of you for helping!!!

I have a 99 durango 8cyl. Been over heating but now has white smoke? steam? coming from the tail pipe. Oil is good no water in it and thermostate is working! Can anyone help with this please? Thanks a bunch. Im thinking head gasket but quessing on that!:(
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Welcome to the DurangoZ from NC! If it is a head gasket, your coolant level should be dropping. You could also pull the plugs as the ones getting water usually will be cleaner than the other ones.
Wlecome from Texas. jkelly16 is right on with that advice. I would be thinking bad head gasket as well.
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