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just bought a 2011 dodge durango citadel...looking to put an exhaust on to help sound some and performance...although i dont want my durango sounding like a monster truck...Any suggestions or thoughts thanks?
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most websites now (borla, flow master, etc) have sound clips of what they will sound like. also ,youtube is another great source. just type in "(model year/type) exhaust"
thanks for the help everyone
Any thoughts on what kinda sound I will get from removing resonatOr from 2011 Durango?
It'll be really loud and it'll resonate like crazy inside the vehicle.

I installed a pair of Gibson mufflers in place of the resonators and it sounds awesome and along with the AirAid intake system I installed, it made a very noticable and significant improvement in performance.

This is a link to the mufflers at Gibson:

The one I used was the 2.5 inch offset inlet/center outlet. The guy at the muffler shop had no trouble at all (said they fit perfectly) installing.

Sounds awesome when I start it and you can hear the exhaust in the background but it's not annoying at all. When you punch it-man, it sounds awesome!

Did I say awesome?
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There is a pretty good video on Youtube of a 2011 Citadel with flowmasters on it. just search 2011 Dodge Durango Citadel w/ Flowmaster exhaust. I contacted Flowmaster to see if they had a cat back kit available yet and they said that it was still being developed/tested and would be ready in a month or two.
any product numbers on gibson mufflers you bought....curious on price range thanks
Did you click on the Gibson link?----- ;-)

Seriously, the exact part number is 55142S. Easy install by the muffler dude with no issues! he said it was like a factory install.

Ordered them from CarID for about 130 bucks a piece. Due to the style, won't blow out anything....

I love it when I'm in a parking lot or crowded place and start my D-the guys all turn around and look!!!! HAH! Extra benefit--doesn't bother the lovely wife in the least!!!!

HAha of course I clicked on you Are talking about removing two mufflers in back and replacing them with the two Gibson mufflers?
Any news on that post? Will the Gibson rearaxle-back exhaust system sound exactly the same if mounted on a Citadel HEMI 5.7l or on a R/T?
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